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Archive for November, 2007

2007 Gallery and WIP Update

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 30, 2007

Some of my recent FO’s have been added to the Gallery page. Is it odd that sometimes I really have fun taking pictures of my knits? I mean, there’s only so many ways a bootie/sweater/hat can pose.

WIP’s are coming along.

The Drops 103-1 has been put on hold since I ran out of yarn. I should be able to head to the store for some more this weekend. I’m about 1/2 done with both sleeves. And then all that will be left is the collar, seaming and blocking. Exciting! I’ve seen some amazing ones on Ralvery and Craftster. Here’s to hoping mine will be just as nice.

Double knitting has improved. I’m still working on getting the twists at the end/beginning of a row right so that the sides look “complete.” I did see some amazing scarves at Luette that seem double knitted but have different patterns on each side. I may attempt that shortly even though I haven’t even started on my nephews Transformers hat. (Bad auntie, I know!)

I also finally have (modeled) pictures of Hubbies Hoodie. Those will be up next week since I need some time to list out the “issues” I had while working on it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the way it turned out but it was a learning experience.


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Finglerless Gloves

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 29, 2007

This project holds the record for longest pair of anything to finish. I made one glove last winter and then got sidetracked by other things and just never got around to making the other.

I have no excuses really. There’s no real reason why. I love the chart, the length and the color! I just finished them this past weekend. It’s great for computer use because I’m right by the window and it gets a bit chilly at night and my fingers start to freeze.

I found the chart online and based the mitten loosely off of Eunny Jangs Endpaper Mitts. Mainly, the length. Everything else was a combination of unsuccessful mitten patterns.

The details:
– Size 6 needles
– Caron Simply soft (pink) and Red Heart Sport (black)
– Ribbed on both ends and top of thumb.
– 10 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide.
– My notes from the first one were poorly written. I’m surprised the second one turned out the same!

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Double Knitting, a lesson

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 28, 2007

As usual when I need to learn a new knitting technique I head over to I think she’s got the best tutorials, but I wished there was more for the double knitting. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. It took me awhile to find a CO method and I’m still not getting it right. I chose to hold both yarns together and CO long-tail but they keep twisting so that the bottom edge has a random pattern. I also didn’t realize that twisting the yarn at the end/beginning of a row would help “seam” the sides closed.

It took god awful long to do that first row. My hands were not use to holding the yarn, backwards stitches, wrong colors and knitting both the front together. It was a little, ok HUGE mess. Lots of undoing rows. I suppose that’s what happens when I try out two new things! The second new thing is the chart. I made a 66×20 chart of text and for some reason it didn’t hit me until half way through that the text on the backside would be backwards. Duh. I also think I messed up the chart some but I blame it on the learning experience of double knitting.

So now I’m working on a second “test” with a tweaked chart and a better grasp of double knitting.

Exciting stuff. Can’t wait until I produce something useful!

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More Than Meets The Eye

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 27, 2007

When I asked my nephew if he was a Decepticon he said, “I’m the good guys!”

The movie has made Transformers the new cool toy for kids. Heck for men too. Thanksgiving was spent with 3 grown men attempting to transform Octimus Prime, Jazz and a few other Autobots. I have pictures but I won’t embarrass them. Teehee. But if you know me then you know who I’m talking about!

Anyway, back to my nephew. I couldn’t resist asking if he wanted a Transformers Hat and then after his declaration to the Autobots I don’t have the heart to use the pattern that i had in mind. The Transformers Toque from yes, i MADE that because it has both the Autobots and Decepicons.

I prefer to make hats in the round but then wouldn’t be able to use fair-isle if I just do an Autobot on one side. So my options right now are:

– Doing the Autobot chart on the front and then the words More Then Meets the Eye on the back. His head is about the size of mine (who knew kids had such big heads?!). I guess some swatching is in order.

– Learning how to double knit cause I think that will allow me to do a chart on just the front. I’ve been meaning to learn how to double knit. It seems pretty easy I just need to take the time to actually learn.

I’m always up for a new challenge and this seems like an interesting one. I just hope I have enough green yarn!

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Oh Baby Baby, Part 2

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 26, 2007

(Warning: So much to say about these items…. I kept typing and typing! This is a long-ish post!)

The rest of the gifts have been given so it’s show and tell time! It’s so much fun to knit baby things. Not only because they’re quick knits but they’re fun to give to the parents to be. I enjoyed that part the best. I am getting anxious to knit up some girl items though! While searching for boy patterns I found a few girl items that I can’t wait to try. Patterns like Knitty’s Anouk, EZ’s February sweater, Saarje’s Booties, and tons of others!

Not having my own baby makes it difficult to gauge sizes and to know if something will fit for the age it says. Often times my knitting gauge is off in general so it was a guessing game for most of these garments. In any case (fitting or not!) I think they turned out super cute and I wished I could have kept some for my own. Hehe.

It was also my first time working with Sugar N Cream cotton yarn. I love it and will definitely work with it again. (Sugar n Cream was only used on the Raglan Tunic, the hats and the booties with pompoms)

The softness of the yarn feels nice against my fingers and I can imagine that it will only get softer with wear.The best part though is that it is machine washable. Who wants to hand wash when there are babies to be fed/burped/slept/play with?!

On to the garments!


Debbie Bliss’ Raglan Sweater from The Baby Knits book

I was a little unsure about the width and length. I made the 6-9 month version. If I make this again I probably will copy my friends idea of doing contrasting color arms. I love the baseball shirt look.

Usually when I hear the word raglan I think seamless! But I was tricked. It wasn’t seamless but I forgive Mrs. Bliss since it turned out so well.

Baby Hat 8-2007 3

Kim’s Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

I often wish my interchangeable needles came with a longer cord. (The brand I have no longer makes the needles.) It would make these hats much easier to make. The 32 inch ones force me to angle my wrist in an unnatural way. It’s knit-able but not as comfortable as it probably should be.

Anyway, I love the color of the yarn. It doesn’t scream baby and when I saw it I knew it was perfect for the mom.

Easy Booties 7-2007 7Easy Booties 7-2007 2

Easy Baby Booties

As usual I made a few modifications. Rather then continuing the ribbing to the top I added a 3-4 row garter stitch border. I thought it gave it a more finished look. I love the electric blue color and it goes well with the hat. These were my first attempt at booties so I love how easy the directions were. It did confirm my suspicions that I’m a terrible counter though. I must have made at least 4 of the green ones before I got two of the same size! My record for making two of the same is well… maybe 2 in 5.

The yarn is Caron Simply Soft. Again, machine wash friendly for new moms.

Small Dolls

It was love at first sight for these little guys. I couldn’t wait to make them. The green/cream one was the “test” doll to see how well the I could make the doll. If you look closely you can see the arms and legs are different.


The first one I wanted to avoid seaming so I decreased the arms to close which made them rounder in shape.I thought it turned out well and was ready to add him to the gift pile. We named him “Rocket” and D grew a little attached (OK, I did too) so I decided to keep him and make another in boyish colors.

The blue one was made a bit smaller then the pattern but I was true to the pattern for the arms and legs. I admit it does give the doll a more robot feeling with the straight lines. Both are equally cute though! We named him “Rocket” as well. They’re non-identical twins!

Booties and Hat Set

DSC03471Baby Hat 8-2007 1

Lastly, I gave this bootie and hat set to my favorite bassist Dougie Payne of Travis. His wife is expecting in March. The booties are a modified version of a Drops pattern. I love the roundness of the toes and the pompoms. Who doesn’t love pompoms? (These also took a few tries before making two of the same!)

The hat is the trusty Kims Hat pattern. (That pattern is going to go a long way for me! Who could ask for anything better then a pre-calculated hat in baby, toddler, womens and men sizes??)

If I had more time I would have made another Raglan Tunic and stitched a guitar on it. I can picture it now. It would be soo cute!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 22, 2007

This week has been a bit off for posting, I apologize. With returning from a weekend trip and Thanksgiving I haven’t had much time for crafting which means not much to post. Although yesterday I did have some time to fix a few shirts that were too big that had been sitting in storage for a long long time.

It’s been a great year and so much to be thankful for. I’ve got good friends. Great family, new family! I got to meet my favorite band (Travis! Don’t worry the high from the concert will wear off soon and I’ll stop mentioning them in every post.) An amazing job that gives me lots of time for doing the other things I love.

The best part, it’s been snowing since I woke up. Sooo pretty! Big fluffly flakes floating all about. What a beautiful way to start the morning.

I’ll be pretty busy the rest of this weekend but will be back on Monday with regular programming.

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Recovered from Seattle

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 20, 2007

It was a great trip to Seattle. I got to see Travis (one of my favorite bands), got in some girl time with my friends and hung out with my cousins. It was a bit short but I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. We were pretty busy and got to see some of the sights we probably would have missed (thanks to my favorite cousins!)

Travis. I love this band. They’re such sweet guys and real genuine. They have so much fun on stage with each other and the audience that it’s contagious. Plus they really take the time to talk to fans. We got a great spot near the stage, but many of my pictures were blurry… it’s a good thing I took a lot! I could go on and on, but I’ll let the pictures show for themselves.

Click here for the full Travis album


Fran and Dougie

The two days following the show we visited around the space needle, Pikes Place Market and did some shopping downtown. Mainly it was eat, shop, coffee and repeat! Such amazing food and coffee. I also went a little crazy with the scenic pictures.

Click here to view the full scenic album.





My friend and I got so inspired by some of the shops we went in for knitting ideas. I can’t wait to get started on them!

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Calling it my own

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 16, 2007

I’m not a seller but definitely a giver of knitted items. I thought it would be fun way to let the recipient know it’s hand made and know how to care for their item. After reading up on different ways to make labels for my knits I settled on making tags to attach to the garment with my knitting alias (2ton knits, more on that another day) on one side and fiber content and washing instructions on the backside.

For me the tough part is finished. That’s the designing. I made a dozen and still couldn’t chose one! That’s when I decided I would use multiples. That way I could also change them later down the line when I felt the need to update the look.

I plan to print them on the blank business cards you can buy at the store. That way they’re sturdy and won’t require cutting. Maybe I’ll laminate them as well depending on how much bleed they give and where I can print them. After that’s all finished I’ll to use the basic hole punch and ribbon tie to pin it to the FO’s.

I have to add that these colors came out more vibrant then expected when I uploaded them to Flickr. They’re much more muted when printed! Please don’t think I made bad color choices!

v2-1 copy2

v7-2 copy3

v8 copy

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Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 15, 2007

It’s barely been cold enough for snow and we’re already planning our escape. At first we were planning to go back to the Grand Mayan but with no rooms available (in Los Cabos) and sky high prices (to Acapulco) we settled on a Cruise. It’ll be our first so it’s pretty exciting. Plus a great way to start off the new year.

I’m picturing it now… hearing the ocean waves, sandy beaches, sipping cocktails poolside…

You can picture it too, since now is a good time as any to put together the photos from our last vacation to Puerto Vallarta.




View more

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Oh, Baby Baby

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 14, 2007

Two of my cousins are expecting in the coming months. I’m pretty sure the one that’s getting these two items does not read my blog so I’m free to post them up without ruining the surprise. As you can tell by the blue, it’s a boy.

The sweater is from the Baby Yoda Tunic from soozs’ blog. It went buy pretty quickly and I used a single crochet stitch to add the blue trimming around the edges because of the curling that Caron’s Simply Soft does in SS stitch. After seaming up the arms I thought the armholes seemed a bit tight and left a 2 inch slit on each arm just in case. (Not having my own baby causes some concern whenever I make teeny tiny things!)

The little slippers are actually a girlish pattern called Petit Chou. The author also has a pattern for a matching sweater which is super adorable. I still really liked the slippers and thought maybe boyish colors would take the girly out of it. Lucky for me it worked! I opted to leave the bow off and made i-cord trimming around the top instead for sturdiness purposes.

BTW- The band Travis does a kick ass cover of Britney Spears “Baby One More Time.” Check out a live Travis version on YouTube.

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