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All Grown Up

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 7, 2007

The first ball of yarn I purchased was Lion Brand. I think it’s Chenille. I think because I tossed the label pretty much after I brought it home. Hey, I was a newbie and didn’t know better. I also didn’t know that the thick yarn would be difficult to knit on size 8 needles. But like the Little Train that Could I trucked through it and actually made a 3″x10″ rectangle.

Then I wised up a bit and realized that lighter, thinner yarn would probably be easier to learn with. So into the closet went Lion Brand. It has stayed there for almost two years. In the effort to de-stash I finally brought it out and made a hat and scarf.

The hat may look familiar, because it’s based off of the Twinkle Aspen Hat (and also the Banana Republic knock off on Craftster). The scarf is plain garter stitch on large needles.

On another note the Drops 103-1 (I always think of Smallville and Lex Luthors 33.1 experiments when I see that clever Drops numbering system) is coming along. I’m a tad worried I might have skimped a bit too much on the yarn and will need more. I’m on ball 2 and am about 11 inches into the back piece. The Bernat Alpaca is nice and soft to work with so it seems to be flying by. I might take a break from it tonight for more amigurumi though. Strawberries needs a friend!


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