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Archive for January, 2008

Caplet Redux

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 31, 2008

first sweater 09 2006 (small)

My first official wearable knit was this caplet. The pattern is the infamous Anthropology Inspired Caplet by Peony Knits. For a first garment it wasn’t so bad. I learned how to do some simple calculations to make it fit me. I learned how a raglan sweater is constructed. The only bummer was that the two skeins of Caron Simply Soft pink didn’t match in color.

It was a little sad to frog but I knew it was for the better. It also meant that the pattern would go untouched for years. Not because I didn’t want to make it but because I needed time to forget the pain from ripping my first garment. Who would have thought I’d use the yarn from my second ripped garment (Drops 103-1) to make the sweater from my first? Not me!

I wanted something fairly easy that would look good with the yarn (Bernat Alpaca Silk) and saw a very pretty version of the caplet with the same yarn on Ravelry. I plan on making it longer with quarter (or full) sleeves and a collar. I CO for it last night and am a good 6 inches in.

Hopefully these two failures will create something lovely.


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Another Double Knit Goodie

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 30, 2008

DSC04334 (Small)

DSC04335 (Small)

DSC04330 (Small)

I’m in awe of how much faster I can knit now. The first few hats I made took a few weeks at least. This hat was double knitted and only took me a few days! Granted it’s child sized, but it fits me so it’s not that small.

In an earlier post I mentioned that my sister asked for a double knit hat for her second son. She didn’t have any real specifications except for double knit with ear flaps and black. After looking at a few different patterns I went with canKNITian’s Helping Hat on one side and plain ss on the other side. The black is intended to be the outside. I chose the turquoise because it seemed like a nice boyish color, plus it was in my stash and it was also a softie yarn. (Black is Caron Simply Soft. Turquoise is Red Heart Soft)

I admit I was a bit ambitious to try two patterns in a double knit. It was tricky doing the cables because I had to move the front/back sts around whenever the cable sts came up. The worse part though was the top. Because both hats had different instructions for decrease. Eventually when it got down to about 4 rows left I had to split the sides and finish separately.

There were also some hat throwing* when I started the ear flaps. First I couldn’t figure out how to pickup stitches so that both sides had knit stitches and then when I finally figured that out I found there were little holes where I picked up stitches on the purl of the rib. Luckily I was able to figure out that if I m1 by looping the yarn around my thumb and adding it to the needle (I’m sure there’s a technical term!) there will be no hole.

The ear flaps are a little bit smaller then I wanted but I didn’t take into account that ribbed is usually smaller then ss.

*Whenever I get frustrated with a project I toss it on the floor and declare it’s break time. How adult of me, eh?

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The Last Knit, by Laura Neuvonen

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 29, 2008

This video has been around for awhile but I just recently saw it had to share. It’s cute and unfortunately I can kind of relate to it. Hehe. If only I could knit as fast!

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Benny says, “HI!”

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 28, 2008


This was a real treat to make. Not only is he super cute (har har) but I learned a lot while making him. The instructions were pretty clear and the explination of stitches at the beginning of the book helped a lot. There was a moment of confusion while making the face (the green part around the eyes) but I’m pretty sure it was because it was late and because of my inexperiance in reading patterns.

The rundown: 

  •  I didn’t have any eyes so I made two bobbles. The husband says he likes the yarn eyes better.
  • Without eyes I was also unable to attach the arms the way the book described (so that they can move up and down).
  • One leg is a teeny bit longer then the other because I pulled on one of them a bit too hard while stuffing.
  • I’m in love with the bobble toes and thumb. How clever!
  • He’s very tall. About 15 inches high.

My nephew was over this weekend and he loved him! I’m surprised he didn’t ask if he could have him. I’m not sure what I would have said!

Pattern from: Amigurumi Supper Happy Crochet Cute by Elizabeth Doherty

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Express your knitting luv through candy hearts

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 25, 2008

Completely off topic but I think this site is pretty fun and wanted to share even though I’m not terribly into celebrating Valentines day. No, I’m not jaded. Actually very happily married, just not a believer in declaring one day to show someone you love them. If you love someone you should show them that all the time already.

Anyway, back to the fun site!

We all know Valentines day is coming up when we see those little candy hearts with the sayings on them. I remember in elementary school, we made cards for our classmates and decorated shoe boxes with hearts for the cards we’d receive. Then in high school we could send our friends (or crushes!) little messages of candy hearts for a dollar.

Now we can create our own candy heart images using the….

Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Generator!

(It really is fun, despite the fact that the site uses comic sans font.) Just a note that it only makes images, not the real hearts themselves.

luv2knit.jpg makeheart2.jpg makeheart3.jpg luv2knit.jpg makeheart2.jpg makeheart3.jpg luv2knit.jpg


WIP Update Friday’s

  • Benny (Amigurumi monkey): 90%
  • EZ February Tunic: 70%
  • Adding Sleeves to my Kangaroo Tunic: 20%

Dropouts (frogged)

  • Drops 103-1

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Benny Watches the Sunrise

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 24, 2008

Sunrises like these make it worthwhile on those mornings I have to get up early (so not a morning person and my work allows me to sleep in). Even though I have a few dozen photos of sunrises from this view I can’t stop taking them. I especially am drawn to the winter sunrises because of the frozen river (and steam that comes off of it) and how you can see the smoke coming from the buildings.

Benny hobbled over and snuck in on a few of the pictures…. No full body shots because he’s still missing a leg and I haven’t yet attached the arms. I wasn’t anticipating it taking so long to make him but he’s much taller then I expected.

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Amigurumi Crazed

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 23, 2008


Since making the baby turtles I’ve been a bit obsessed with ami’s and even went maybe a little overboard with the book buying. I got Amigurumi Supper Happy Crochet Cute by Elizabeth Doherty a few weeks ago but just got additional hooks this weekend to start making Benny (the blue green monkey on the cover).

So far I’m really enjoying the book. I really got it for the humanoid creatures but some of the foodies and animals look amazing too. There’s a wiener dog that I think my friend will want to make once I convince her to start ami’s!

The only wish I have for the book is more details on how to assemble the ami’s after making all the pieces. I had some issues seeing how the muzzle of Benny would look right. (Happy to report that I went ahead and sewed it on anyway and he looks “normal” like the pictures.) It continually amazes me how these bits and pieces can make up something terribly cute and how designers can conceptualize and then create the final product. Benny is about half finished so he’ll make an appearance soon!

Today while browsing the soon to be closing Borders in Block E (downtown Mpls) I made an impulse purchase of Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Amigurumi for the cute bears on the cover and the sweet little animals (frogs, ducklings, elephants) inside. This book is part of a series for translating Japanese crafting books into English. The patterns are written line by line with symbols and pictures of assembly. I’m hoping that the symbols don’t break me because I’m not that good at reading knitting charts (for lace and cables).

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Easiest Customer

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 22, 2008

Word on the street is my nephew diggs his Transformers Hat. His mom reported that he was all about the hat when they returned from their trip to Vietnam. I have to admit that after seeing him in it last weekend I’m extra happy that he likes it and that it’s super warm for our Minnesota winters.

Warm enough that his mom has requested a similar hat for her youngest son (double knitted with ear flaps). Wanting another happy customer I asked her what color or any decorative patterns, etc etc that he might like. She seemed unsure, which should be the case because he’s not quite old enough to express a taste in color. Something neutral that can be worn with different colors was the final answer.

My initial thought was, this is going to be a quick and easy project! But the more I thought about it the more difficult it sounded. I want it to be not only interesting to make but interesting to look at as well. Being given all the creative power makes it hard!

For a solid color I’m thinking maybe a cabled hat on one side and regular ss on the other. I’ve been eying Yarn Harlots Unoriginal Hat for awhile now but I’m not sure I have the right yarn for it. canKNITian’s Helping Hat is another on my list. I like the red one with half cables and ribbed.

Hat 032007 2

Otherwise I could make a stripy Kim’s Hat (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) like the one pictured over there –> using yarn from my stash.

I would have liked to do a motif on it but I can’t seem to think of one that fits an (almost) 2 year old boy. Any ideas would be appreciated!!

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Drops 103-1 – To the frog pond

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 21, 2008

I was so excited to start this pattern. I wanted it to be my go to sweater jacket for the chilly days. I should have seen the signs that it wasn’t meant to be. The shedding yarn (Bernat Alpaca), the way the front middle rode up, the odd shaped sleeves, the bunched up collar, the odd shaped sleeves that turned out too large, the yarn of varying widths… but I trucked through it and unfortunately it’s on the way to the frog pond.

The biggest issue I had was the seaming. The first time I seamed along the edges, seemed like the obvious choice. It turned out too large! The underarms were saggy and too wide. The body was way too large, even for an a-line. I thought I could take in the sleeve seams and cut off the excess, but it was hard to make both sides match. I also measured incorrectly and the front panels were longer then the front by a teeny bit and bunched up the side seams. What made the decision final was that the a-line shape wasn’t flattering on me.

I’m sure it’s a combination of the type of yarn, my gauge, my measurements and the overall look of the sweater that failed me. It was a little sad to rip it apart, but I’ve a few ideas of what to use the yarn for.

Here’s a picture of the finished jacket. It may not look so bad in the photos but I felt that it just wasn’t the right size, shape and yarn for me.

Drops 103-1

More posts:
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Mum’s Mittens

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 18, 2008

MomFingerless 1-08 04 (Small)MomFingerless 1-08 08 (Small)

MomFingerless 1-08 09 (Small)

MomFingerless 1-08 05 (Small)

Like I mentioned yesterday, at my moms request I made her a pair of my Fingerless Mittens. Her favorite color is purple and I really like how the contrasting color pops. (I’m taking a color theory class this semester and can’t wait to start applying what I learn to knitting!)

Will anyone be surprised if I said I made a few modifications to my own pattern?

  • Selvage stitch in contrasting color. With my pair, it’s hard to distinguish which hand is which since I didn’t use a selvage stitch and it appears seamless. I’m a stickler for right mitten and left mitten so it’s nice to see the distinction.
  • Shorter and longer. The bottom half (below the thumb) is about 6 rows shorter because I was afraid I would run out of the purple yarn. The top half is 3 rows longer because I wanted the pattern to complete itself and match the bottom. I think it worked out well because my mom did request them to be longer at the fingers.
  • Different increase. I used the M1 tbl on these rather then just adding a stitch. I think I like the added stitch because it makes a little “line” that shows the curve of the thumb.
  • Sewn BO. This method let me tighten the opening. Since the hand narrows towards the fingers it gives a snug fit.

Some other observations:

  • Love the stretch factor.
  • I used almost all of the purple (150 yards). Maybe 5-6 yards left over.
  • These knitted up pretty fast. I would guess about 8 hours each, but I did make a few mistakes and had to rip a few inches out and then I fiddled with the bind off on both for a good hour or so.
  • When I make these again I might try to figure out how to carry the pattern across through the thumbs for a nice seamless look.

How the heck do you take pictures of mittens? I had a heck of a time coming up with poses and the husband kept wanting me to put my hand in unnatural positions. The last picture is my “ugh, just take the darn picture!”

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