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Archive for February, 2008

Saartje’s Bootees

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 29, 2008

Saartje's BooteesSaartje's Bootees

Saartje's Bootees

I was on a mission to use up all the purple Lion Brand Cotton yarn from the EZ February Sweater and whipped up these Saartje’s Booties. They’re unbelievably tiny and hopefully fit a newborn!

The soles were made flat and then I joined it to make in the round to avoid having many ends to weave in for the straps. It made it so much easier to finish! Basically I just CO for one side, worked the 20 or so on the needles and CO for the other side.

I also took the advice of one Ravelry member and used this technique for the button holes. It feel it gives it a finished look. Although it can be hard to get the button holes to match in size. I wish I had better buttons but these in my stash fit perfectly and I didn’t want to detract from the cuteness of the booties.

After finishing these I can see why there are almost 1500 of these listed as FO’s on Ravelry! I’m sure I’ll be adding to that number. These are definitely great for a quick and easy baby gift.

Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton and Sugar’n Cream
Needles: Size 3 dpn’s.
Pattern: Saartje’s Booties


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Balthezar Vest

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 27, 2008

While I really like how the vest turned out but the pattern leaves much to be desired. It is vary vague and leaves a lot up to the knitter. I made the medium since I didn’t want it to be too huggy. (Following the Twinkle sizing I should make small.)

The eyelets were mentioned but it didn’t talk about how many rows to carry it through. I went until the split of the arms from the back. I counted the ones in the picture and it’s 9 (mine turned out to be 11), but it can also be a sizing issue.

Another issue was with the back. The pattern mentions working until 25 inches and then BO for the shoulders but that would make it too long for the front overall. I ended up starting the BO at about 21 inches and only doing 3 decreases on each side

The neck border was written wrong. It should be in K1, P1 rib.

There’s a few more that you can find here. She also talks more about the pattern.

BalthVest Balthezar Vest 2-08 15

Balthezar Vest 2-08 10 Balthezar Vest 2-08 12


– I was running short on yarn and only did about 3 rows on the neck band and only did half cap sleeves using short rows

– Used Size 19 needles for everything but the neckband and sleeve caps. My friend has made this and recommended using the size 19 needles for the bottom rib to make it more stretchy.

– Yarn. I quadrupled Caron one pounder that I had in my stash. I used the whole ball save a yard or two of end clippings.


– I love the color! (I think the picture with the black shirt is the most accurate)

– It doesn’t feel too chunky. ie. I don’t feel like a marshmallow!


– I can’t decide which shirt to wear with it. I thought taking pictures of various shirts would help but it’s gotten me even more confused. I am leaning towards the pink cowl/turtle neck one, but I think it washes out the purple color a little.

Help a girl out? Which look do you prefer?

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Another FO!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 26, 2008

It was a productive weekend for me with the two new FO’s.

I’m actually very happy with how this turned out and don’t plan on making anymore changes to it. I think the belled sleeves give it a flirty touch and the length is just right that I don’t mind that it still splits at the bottom. With the changes I have even more yarn leftover (my guess is that this only used up two balls so I have about 4 balls left) to make another sweater. I’m thinking of a cowl neck raglan with quarter sleeves. I really like how the bottom portion of the Nimbus Sweater is made and might try to figure out the gauge and do some math.

In any case with these two FO’s completed I’m off to start on some new projects! I guess it didn’t take me as long as I thought it would.

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Too cute for words

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 25, 2008

Elizabeth Zimmermann. I kept seeing her name everywhere and didn’t quite understand. Until I saw BrooklynTweeds gorgeous February Sweater. As usual his FO’s are amazing and the photos make them look very professional!

Anyway, after seeing that I went to the library and tracked down Knitters Almanac. I was a bit surprised at the way the book read. I guess I was expecting a pattern book but it’s more of a building block book. I’ll admit that I was a bit impatient and didn’t want to do any actual reading/learning so I jumped right to the February pattern. In hindsight it would have been a good idea to read. It would have made the pattern deciphering a lot more quicker but eventually I figured it out. And here you have it.

EZ Feb Sweater 2-2008 1

Overall it was a lot of fun to work on. The lace pattern gave me some trouble at first but after a few repeats I was able to memorize it. Not much I would change except for the time I brought this to my knitting get together. Not an easy thing to work on while chit chatting! I might try just two buttons at the top or an i-cord closure for after the yolk.

A close up of the crochet covered buttons. The ones I had were plain white and didn’t complete the look. I had some left over sport weight in dark purple that worked well. I’d never covered buttons before so it was an interesting feat. I’m sure there are tutorials out there but I’d rather spend my time figuring it out then searching. (read: lazy!)

EZ Feb Sweater 2-2008 2

I can see this sweater with many different variations of lace/size/length. Although this was the perfect size as I used just one ball of Lion Brand Cotton.

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Petit Ami’s

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 22, 2008

A few of my favorite ami’s that have been added to the Flickr Amigurumi group. Something about these little ones caught my eye.


(1) Chuck the Monkey from Delicious Crochet (2) Charlotte the Hippopotamous from RoxyCraft (3) Snowball from Pepika (4) Giraffes from Julie @ Flickr (5) Blue Flower Pot from BerrySprite (6) Gretel from EureekasWindow (7) Mini Bears from * i n i n g z (8) Frog from ZzzBon (9) Pink Puppy from SnuffyKin (10) Mama Owl from Pepika (11) Merry and Bright Forest Moon Bun from Moon’s Creations (12) Pucca and Garu in Love from la fée crochette (13) Wizard of Oz Trio from mina37_1022

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WIP it! WIP it good.

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 21, 2008

DSC04457 (Small)


Antro Inspired Caplet

Or not really good. I try my hardest to be a monogamous knitter, but sometimes there are just those projects that (1) seem endless or (2) were so fun to start and then got mundane or (3) were finished just to be finished and don’t really look flattering.

Lucky me I have one of all three.

The first – endless – is the For the Horde scarf (top picture). I’ve never been big on making scarves, and if I did make them they were skinny on huge needles. This one’s a doozie because it’s double knit which means I’m pretty much making two scarves! I figure I need to make it at least 66 inches to wrap around once. I’m almost at 30 inches. so I’m a little short then half way there. One inch at a time I suppose.

The second – fun to start – is the EZ February Sweater (middle picture). I started this way back in December when I was hopeful that one of my friends was going to have a girl. I really like the pattern and enjoy the lace part but after awhile I got tired of concentrating so hard! I just wanted something mindless and then I found out the friend is having a boy instead! It got put on the back burner for awhile, but I’m about 4 inches shy of finishing.
Finally, the third – finish it already – is the Anthropology Inspired Caplet. I’ll admit it now. I failed myself. I finished it to finish it. I hate the way the bottom flares out like that. I hate where I put the buttons and the sleeves are meh. I already ripped out the bottom 4 inches of rib and did a nice garter trim (only 4 rows so it falls right at my hip bone and doesn’t flare out like that). I ripped back the sleeves and plan on giving them a little bell shape ending in 4 rows of garter. The collar is undecided. I might move the buttons to the top and leave it at that. Or maybe try to find a flattering collar detail.

And so I end with a lament that I’m going to be spending more time with these guys and probably won’t have much to report. I want to finish at least two of them before starting something new!

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Double Trouble Cables

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 20, 2008

Being both photographer and model is hard. You’d think that after taking a dozen or so there’d be a better picture then this, but there isn’t. I either look sleepy, drugged up or blurry. I suppose I could have waited until I had better pictures but I couldn’t wait to show this one off.

A few weeks ago I saw a girl in a cable and ribbed hat with a mini pom-pom and a brim. Everything I like in a hat. A pattern had been forming in my head since then but I wasn’t quite ready to make it (other things on the needles you see). But after attempting to make the Urchin Beret from Twinkles Weekend Knits and having it be too small I desperately wanted a new hat and decided it was time… even though the yarn color didn’t match any of my current scarves. (This winter I decided it was time to go matchy matchy for scarves and hats.) I love how it turned out. The sheen of the yarn adds a little fabulousness to it and I think I might have to make a matching scarf.

I think it looks like the one I saw, except for that one was probably knit on smaller needles since the cables were more defined. When I make this again I’ll probably go down a needle size too. It fits me, but I like my hats a bit more snug. I’m going to try to find time this weekend to write up a pattern (and get better pictures!)

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Hat Candy

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 19, 2008

I made a hat. I forgot to take pictures. Blame it on the 4 day weekend where I slept until noon, watched movies and knitted!

I want to make these hats from Urban Outfitters:

I also want to make this hat from

(click the picture for pattern)

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Mr. Scarfy

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 15, 2008

missing sign

As I was leaving class last night I saw this sign. I did a double take when I saw the “Mr. Scarfy” portion because that’s what I usually name things. I had to smile and take a photo after reading the whole sign. I thought it was sweet that this person made the signs (I found another one posted near the elevators) to search for their scarf. To me, it shows that hand made things are quite appreciated and valued. I hope Mr. Scarfy returns safely to it’s owner.


WIP Update Friday’s

  • EZ February Tunic: 70%
  • For the Horde Scarf: 10%

Graduates (FO’s)

  • Mom’s 2nd fingerless gloves
  • Nimbus Sweater

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Nimbus Sweater

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 14, 2008

Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)

Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)

Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)

Ta-da! My first FO from Twinkles Weekend Knits.

Rather then only doubling the yarn for the neck and making it full length, I decided to go with the funnel neck look that Omiru talked about last week. Since I’m “not blessed with a long swan neck” I thought the shorter wider funnel as suggested would be my fashion statement for this winter.

I really like the shaping although if when I make it again I’d make it a few inches longer since the bottom edge curls up. The yarn is definitely lacking in luster and since it was from my stash (a frogged sweater to be exact and quite cheap in the first place) it was a bit cut up and I had to weave in quite a few ends. Someday I hope to be able to splurge and use Twinkle yarn. I can imagine how beautiful it would look.

I would also probably make the large since I’m not too fond of the way it stretches, which its supposed to do but it makes me feel as if it’s too small! Also, somehow my sleeves turned out to be quarter length rather then full like the girl in the photo’s. (Maybe she has short arms?!)

There’s a small errata that I found. Under BODY, RND 5 should read: Knit across front stitches to the marker, slip marker, k3, k2tg, yo, k13 (15,17), yo, ssk, k3.

I was also confused about the neck piece. I followed the instructions and ended up with the wrong side out. I thought it gave the neck some character so I didn’t bother trying to figure out the error, but I think if you go the opposite way it will work (pickup the sleeve, back, sleeve, front).

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