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Archive for March, 2008

Shopping Tunic Using Worsted Weight Yarn

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 31, 2008

A few weeks ago I went to JoAnn Fabrics during a huge sale and bought some Red Heart Soft to make a Twinkle sweater. At the time I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to make but I had written down how many yards I would need for various sweaters. My lack of math skills came to surface during this shopping trip because I knew that I would need to double or triple the yarn to get gauge, but somehow I ended up coming home with only 3 balls. Definitely not enough if I doubled the yarn.

Just a quick note about Red Heart Soft… I really like the sheen the yarn has although I’m not sure how well it will hold up with a sweater. The two hats I made for my nephew are Red Heart Soft and it’s only been a few months but they already look worn down! It could be that since they are young boys, they are a little rough with the hats but part of me thinks it’s the yarn.

(The yarn looks hot pink here but it’s a nice dark red.)

Anyway, back to the yarn shortage…. I decided that I really wanted to make the Twinkle Shopping Tunic but with the shortage I am using size 11 needles with the yarn (single stranded) and am adjusting the pattern for my gauge as I go. So far so good on that part!

I had a little trouble understanding the pocket directions but Ravelry and Craftster users who had made the sweater before really helped out. Essentially the pocket pieces made at the beginning are the liners. As you are looking at your sweater after knitting the pocket row, the pocket pieces will dangle down and later be seamed to the sweater. From here continue working with the pocket pieces. The sts that are put on the holders are the fronts of the pockets and later on those will be picked up and topped with ribbing.


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Simple Hat

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 28, 2008

DSC04588To complete the Simple Shoes and Mittens set I made last weekend I whipped up a “Simple Hat.” Like the booties and mittens this was also a quick knit. I did have to start over once because my math was off and the hat turned out a little too big for a newborn. With the completion of this set, my pile of baby knits for my friend is growing…. multiplying!

I’ve been in a little slump with what I want to knit next now that I’ve finished the Horde Scarf . I did put in a Knitpicks order last week though so I can start on a few fingerless mittens that I owe some people. I also have a few Saartje’s Bootees I need to make too. I guess there are things I have to work on….


Oh, there’s also the Benny the Monkey I promised to my nephews cousin. It was so cute how he asked his grandma to buy him one and the look on his face when she told him that it wasn’t bought from the store! I felt so bad that I told him I’d make one for his upcoming birthday. The only shame is that I was happy to be able to use up some of my leftover yarns for the monkey. Looks like I’ll have to buy more and make a little monkey family. Hehe.

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For the Horde!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 26, 2008

In early February I posted about a World of Warcraft scarf that I saw on Ravelry. I wanted the “FOR THE HORDE” to be readable regardless of which side was showing, which meant I would have to figure out how to double knit using two different patterns on each side. I searched high and low for a tutorial but all I could find were ones on regular double knitting. At first I thought maybe I needed to use 4 strands of yarn, two for each side since the pattern would be different, but scratched that idea because that would be a mess waiting to happen.

Then I thought well maybe I could use just two strands and follow the color charts. Using the colors as needed leaving the unused color floating along in between the layers. I gave that a go and it wasn’t pretty. There were spots where the unused color showed and stitches were all over the place, too tight here, too loose there.

I ditched that thought and CO for the scarf anyway and figured I’d sort it out when I got to the lettering. The first half of the scarf (with the Horde symbol) would be regular double knit anyway.

Along the way I discovered and learned that my attempt had been the right one and that I just needed some practice and needed to make sure the unused color was pulled snug before using it again. After a few practice swatches I was ready to go back to the scarf.

The result? Not so shabby! Take a look…

Side A:
For the Horde 3-25-08 1

Side B:
For the Horde 3-25-08 2

No action shots but hope to take some soon.

Of course some of the letters were regular double knit (the O, H, E and D’s) but it took a few tries to get the R’s!

In hindsight I probably would have reworked the horde symbol so that it was taller and skinnier. The chart I used looked right but because the rows are shorter then the stitches I got a smushed look. I also think I would have made slanting on the “R” one stitch thicker as well.

Click here for the Horde symbol chart.

I think eventually I’ll make a Horde hat with the leftover yarn… but that’ll be for next winter! (I’m all Horded out)

Measurements: About 66 inches long and 5 inches wide (at the request of my husband.)
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino , 1.5 balls each red and black.

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Simple Baby Knits

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 24, 2008

Ever since seeing these Simple Shoes from Uniform Studio I’ve wanted to make a pair. The main draw for me was the size 10.5 needles and worsted weight yarn! Bonus points as well for being seamless.

I did attempt the pattern awhile back and failed miserably to comprehend the wrap and turn instructions and eventually gave up. The RPG’er in me thought, “Must level up my skills!” and I went on to work on other things for awhile. I decided it was time to try again this weekend and am glad I gave it another shot!


They worked up quickly once the wrap and turn clicked. I think what threw me off last time was the use of “needle 1”, “needle 2”, “needle 3” and “needle 4.” They’re pretty small, probably fit for newborn to 3 months? I’ve already started thinking about how to add more stitches to make larger sizes.

The booties by themselves are pretty darn cute but I thought matching mittens would rock. So instead of looking for already made patterns I went ahead and created one of my own. (Hope I haven’t ripped anyone off!)


The bottom are meant to fold over like the booties to help reinforce the ribbing to stay on. Plus it gives the pair a matchy matchy feeling with the folds. I hope they fit babies! The full pattern is below and I’ll be adding it soon to the patterns page.

Oh also the colors a little off in the pictures. It was a little too sunny this morning when I took these. They’re a nice deep red color, good for boys or girls.


Chunky Baby Mitts

Height: 5 inches (unfolded)
Opening: 2.75 inches
Wrist: 2.5 inches
Widest part of hand: 2.75 inches

Using size 10.5 needle, co 18 loosely.
Divide evenly between 3 needles (6 sts per needle.)
Knit 6 rows

Wrist shaping:
K2tg, *k3, k2tg* end k1
*k1, p1* for 3 rows
Kftb, *k3, kftb* k1
Knit 10 rows

Top decreasing:
*k2, k2tog*, end k2
Knit 1 row
*k1, k2tog*, end k2
Knit 1 row
Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts 2x
Wave in ends.

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Same place, new look

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 23, 2008

Just a short weekend post for the new look. I change my desktop background on a regular basis so it’s no surprise that I’ve been itching to change the theme of my blog. With so many theme options it’s not too hard to find one that I like. Maybe someday (when I’ve run through all the themes!) I’ll dust off those CSS skills and create some themes of my own.

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Spring Bunnies Jinxed

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 21, 2008

Yesterday I mentioned the Bring Spring Bunnies… and here they are! But instead of spring, they brought winter back! I woke up this morning to a snowstorm and it hasn’t stopped.

These were very fast to make! The first one I made was the crazy blue/yellow/green colored one. My oldest nephew’s favorite color is green but I ran out of green yarn and this was the closest I had. It took a little over an hour to make him.

The pink fuzzy one was much faster since the yarn is thicker and I used a larger hook. I’m so glad I found a use for this pink yarn! It’s been sitting in my stash for a long time.

I might just make a bunch so that my nephews can give some to their cousins too.

Bring Spring Bunnies

These little guys have spunk and were having fun during the photo shoot. 🙂
Bring Spring Bunnies

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Lots o’ Cables

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 20, 2008

This project has been on and off for a few weeks. I chose it because the final product will look adorable plus I thought the cable ribbed pattern would be interesting enough to hold my attention. Unfortunately it hasn’t. I’ve got about 8 more inches to go (16 inches total so far!) I can’t say much about this except for it’s a baby item for a friend.

Last night I kept telling myself I can keep going and then got sleepy! Knitting never makes me sleepy so I think it’s time for an instant gratification project (like making the Saartje’s Bootees last weekend wasn’t soon enough!).

I’ll probably start working on something Easter related for my nephews. Egg cozies or little bunnies. Kind of last minute but I tend to work well under pressure! Zakka Life Crafts has these cute Bunny Egg Cozies that I think would look adorable in a small basket of eggs. Neatly Tangled posted a pattern for bunny heads that she says were popular with her kids. (Ok so she calls them Bring Spring Bunnies, but they are just bunny heads!)

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H is for Home

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 19, 2008

If anyone reads Decor8 you’d have seen the post about H is for Home which specializes in “the unusual, the quirky, one off, handmade and vintage.”

While I always considered my taste in decor contemporary modern I think I’m starting to stray a little towards vintage and H is for the Home isn’t helping! There are quite a few things I have fallen in love with, but what really caught my eye are the darling cup cozies pictured below. They come in fabulous (channeling my inner Christian Siriano) colors.

One small gripe about the site is it’s a little hard to navigate. I wanted to see all the options for the cozies but could only find the two listed below at first. Finally I just did a search for “Crocheted cosy coaster” and up they came.



In addition to the cup cozies there are tons of knitted and crochet goodness in the forms of corsages, slippers, hats, tea cozies, and blankets.

*Photos from H is for the Home

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Lucky Baby

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 17, 2008

My cousin just moved back home from California this past week with her newish (4 month) old baby and husband. In anticipation of some of the new baby boys in my family I had made Mister Bear. I thought he would make a nice homecoming gift for the little one.

Saartje's Bootees and Mr. Bear

After making my first pair of Saarjte’s Booties I couldn’t resist making another right away. These whipped up much faster since I was already familiar with the pattern. I also made them in the larger size since I wanted to make sure they would fit. The buttons match one of the twisted strands in the bottom half of the bootie.

They’re so darling! His mom just loved them and said they would fit him soon.

Saartje's Bootees

And for comparison, the small sized next to the big sized.

Saartje's Bootees

Yarn: Sugar’n Cream Solids and Twists
Needles: Size 3 dpn’s.
Pattern: Saartje’s Booties

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Spring Fever!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 14, 2008

It’s been super warm the last few days and it got me thinking about sunny days, beaches and our last vacation. To highlight our recent vacation I made a Scrapblog. Unfortunately I can’t embed the Scrapblog itself into my post because of WordPress limitations, but you can view it by clicking here.

For those of you who don’t know what scrapblog is, it is like an online scrapbook. You create it all on a webpage (no downloading of software) and can share it by embedding or linking. There are a lot of themes or you can create from scratch.

Some of the newer features I like are:

  • You can pull pictures down from Photobucket, Flickr, Webshots, Facebook, Picasa and Smugmug. You can also upload to Scrapblog but if you’re already posting photos somewhere else why hassle?
  • You can publish pages from your Scrapblog to Facebook as an album.
  • Youtube videos can be embedded.

Side note: It’s been a slow few weeks in the crafting realm since some of the things I’m working on are taking forever. I’ve been pretty good at daily posting but these days there’s not much to say (who wants to read about the same old project for days in a row?) so posts won’t be as regular but still a few times a week.





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