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For the Horde!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 26, 2008

In early February I posted about a World of Warcraft scarf that I saw on Ravelry. I wanted the “FOR THE HORDE” to be readable regardless of which side was showing, which meant I would have to figure out how to double knit using two different patterns on each side. I searched high and low for a tutorial but all I could find were ones on regular double knitting. At first I thought maybe I needed to use 4 strands of yarn, two for each side since the pattern would be different, but scratched that idea because that would be a mess waiting to happen.

Then I thought well maybe I could use just two strands and follow the color charts. Using the colors as needed leaving the unused color floating along in between the layers. I gave that a go and it wasn’t pretty. There were spots where the unused color showed and stitches were all over the place, too tight here, too loose there.

I ditched that thought and CO for the scarf anyway and figured I’d sort it out when I got to the lettering. The first half of the scarf (with the Horde symbol) would be regular double knit anyway.

Along the way I discovered and learned that my attempt had been the right one and that I just needed some practice and needed to make sure the unused color was pulled snug before using it again. After a few practice swatches I was ready to go back to the scarf.

The result? Not so shabby! Take a look…

Side A:
For the Horde 3-25-08 1

Side B:
For the Horde 3-25-08 2

No action shots but hope to take some soon.

Of course some of the letters were regular double knit (the O, H, E and D’s) but it took a few tries to get the R’s!

In hindsight I probably would have reworked the horde symbol so that it was taller and skinnier. The chart I used looked right but because the rows are shorter then the stitches I got a smushed look. I also think I would have made slanting on the “R” one stitch thicker as well.

Click here for the Horde symbol chart.

I think eventually I’ll make a Horde hat with the leftover yarn… but that’ll be for next winter! (I’m all Horded out)

Measurements: About 66 inches long and 5 inches wide (at the request of my husband.)
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino , 1.5 balls each red and black.


12 Responses to “For the Horde!”

  1. Megan said

    I love you and this is the coolest thing ever. O would kill for a chart.. *hint hint*

    Hehe, this is amazing and I congratulate you on your creativity and commitment to the cause.

    /clap (Go you!)

  2. Flètch said

    Can I ask if you would make one to sell to another WoW junkie?

  3. craftycathy said

    Hi Fletch! I’m flattered you like the scarf and want one of your own. Unfortunately it was a monster of a project (because I essentially made two scarves in one!) and I don’t think I’d enjoy making another. Eventually I do plan on making a matching hat that is much less of a monster and would consider making one for sale. If you’re interested I can email you when the time comes.

  4. Chelly said

    Hey there– I just found this post (yeah, 2 years later) but i just wanted to say that i LOVE what you did with the scarf! I’m the person who made the original one– and yup! i have a fb album with a bunch of my projects. My bf is an avid WoW player too– he’s the one the scarf was for :o) the double knit is gorgeous! i wish i had the patience for that, but instead i just put a felt lining on the back of it so it wouldnt look like a mess on the wrong side.

  5. amy said

    Is there anyway we could get a pattern for this? This is amazing! I’m not afraid of a monster of a project 😉

  6. Katie said

    Sooo… I’m late in finding this as well. I would love the pattern (I’m trying to make some sort of Horde scarf for my bf now). Did the hat pattern ever get created? I’d love to make that as well. 🙂

    Gorgeous scarf!

  7. CraftyCathy said

    Thanks for the wonderful comments! Unfortunately there isn’t a pattern for the scarf but I do have the charts I made somewhere and will try get them scanned this week. I never got around to the hat mainly because he stopped playing. The chart I have should fit well on a basic hat pattern.

  8. craftycathy said

    Hi everyone- I added a link to where I got the Horde symbol chart to the post above. It’s towards the bottom. Otherwise here it is too:

    Hope to find the letter charts to post this weekend.

    • Andrea D said

      Used the pattern myself in making a Troll Scalp Mohawk hat, though I was wondering if you knew where I could find a pattern for the Alliance as well. My next planned project is a Gnome Scalp Mohawk hat.

    • Mich said

      Just wondering if you could tell me what size of needles you used for the scarf?


  9. Cathy said

    Hi there. I used size 7 needles. Thanks!

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