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Archive for May, 2008

Bunny Farm

Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 20, 2008

A long time ago, when I started knitting I came across Jess Hutchinson’s Bunny pattern and knew I wanted to make it. The only trouble was it required DPN’s… I had never used (much less knew what they were!) DPN’s. But I went ahead and bought a set and jumped right in. Surprisingly it wasn’t as difficult as I thought and soon I had a trio of Bunnies.

JessHutchBunnies 2006 03 (Small)

For some reason I’m inclined to add to the trio. I’m thinking on in yellow would be appropriate, or maybe green? I’m also thinking of doubling the yarn as you can see the stuffing on the pink and blue ones.

I’ve also had my eye on the Jess Hutchinson Kate pattern from for awhile now too… She’s an adorable kitty and I don’t have a kitty in my stuffed animal army yet…


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Chunky Mitts and Hat Patterns

Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 9, 2008

How exciting! Yesterday I was contacted by a reader who had posted a link to my site in a charity group forum for the Simple Shoes (from Uniform Studio) and hat and mittens I had made awhile back. The hat and mittens are my own pattern and I had posted the mitten pattern back then, but the hat came a little bit later and I never got around to writing it up.

The email was just the push I needed and they’re both added to the Patterns page as PDF’s. I actually haven’t had a chance to test knit them and hope there are no mistakes in the patterns, but as usual, feel free to contact me. I also haven’t actually tried these on a real baby either so please let me know if they’re completely the wrong size!

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Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 6, 2008

When I ordered these balls of yarn (the shine sport, the swish I got on a whim because I liked the color) the pattern I had in mind were my fingerless mittens. It’s been a few weeks now and they’re still sitting in the bag! I just haven’t had the inspiration or desire to pick up the needles lately. But they sure are pretty to look at. Hopefully I’ll get out of the rut soon…. my stash is growing….


My cousin just arrived from Vietnam last week and brought me gifts of yarn! I’m no expert and these have Chinese labels but I think they’re pretty good quality (not like the acrylic I tend to buy). The one on the left is going to make a great baby something (hat or booties). Not pictured are two balls one cream and one black. I think they’re of the same material.


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Swamped with Color Theory

Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 2, 2008

The final weeks of the semester have been closing in on me and I’ve been scrambling to finish all of the assignments for my Color Theory class. It’s been interesting and I’ve learned quite a bit about how colors work together and how light and shadows affect colors. Some of these assignments are tedious and time consuming so it’s been slow on the knitting/crocheting front.

The image below is one of the assignments on how light can affect color and the way shapes are formed.

One more week to go and hopefully I can start more knitting projects. I owe a few people some things….

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