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Archive for the ‘Baby’ Category

Toddler girly girl

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 7, 2010

As you can see I made this frilly girly girl dress for my daughter around Christmas time and am finally finding time to post about it! I had actually finished most of it around October but left the finishing off for a few months.

The details: It’s a top-down raglan with button closure on the left side. There are two layers of ruffles at the bottom. I had mis-calculated and made it too wide and added i-cord ties to the back to help cinch it in a little. The needles: size 11us. The yarn: Caron one pound in navy.


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Twinkle sweater, baby sized!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 19, 2009

Starting my baby on a fashion kick early I wanted to find a cute, girly and modern sweater to knit. After looking through countless baby patterns I ended up looking through Twinkles Weekend Knits and knew I had found the sweater. The Cloudburst Cardigan.

Baby Cloudburst Cardigan

The conversion was very easy. I used smaller needles and followed the pattern for the large. To get the right length for the arms and body I measured one of my daughters sweaters. The sleeves were made to 5.5 inches before attaching to the body. The body was made to 6.5 inches before attaching the arms. I did fudge a little at the top because I forgot about the buttons and the short rows (even after the pattern insisted I read through the whole instructions for the yolk).

Baby Cloudburst Cardigan

After trying it on my daughter I removed the ruffle. It just got in the way and looked puffy. If I were to make it again I would probably use size 11 needles (I think it turned out a little too stiff), follow the medium or small size and add an inch or two to the width of the bottom half (to cover the baby belly a little bit more).

The sweater is supposed to be garter side out but I really like the detail of the raglan decreases.

Baby Cloudburst Cardigan

Pattern: Cloudburst Cardigan from Twinkles Weekend Knits

Needle: Size 9

Yarn: Caron one  pound

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Flower Power

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 2, 2009

During a trip to Seattle a few years ago we stopped by a few baby stores because my friend and cousin were both pregnant and I fell in love with the Blabla dolls! I even wrote about them here. They’re just so colorful and cuddly.

So for my daughters first Christmas I wanted to buy her one, but my husband said “You can make that! It’ll be more special.” I remembered the Kate doll from Knitty and had been meaning to make one and used that as my starting point.

The body is basically the same except for I added a few decreases from the body to neck and then added increases from the neck to head to make the separation more defined. I opted not to add legs and shortened the arms.

At first I was going to add a flower to the belly but decided on a bird because my daughters Vietnamese name translates to Nightingale.   I cut out pieces of fabric and hand stitched it to the body.
Flower Power

Pattern:  Modified version of Kate by Jess Hutchison from Knitty Winter 05 edition.

Yarn: Bits of leftovers. Mostly acryllic.

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Red Riding Booties

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 20, 2009

And the booties to match…

The only part I had problems with was the cuff. I mis-read the repeat portion but was able to sort it out from a thread on Ravelry. Turns out the cuff is made using short rows.

Since all types of booties and socks fall off my baby’s feet easily I added a tie-string. My girl has big feet (oh how she takes after her mom!) so the 6-9 months fit her pretty well at 3 months.

Pattern: Garn Studio Drops baby pattern 16-1

Size made: 6-9 months

Yarn: Caron One Pound

Needle size: 10.5 dpn

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Red Riding Hood

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 2, 2009

I’m probably being bias but how cute is my baby in this poncho?? 🙂

Little Red Riding Hood

It was super easy and quick to make, which is great since I have had little time for knitting since our baby’s arrival. The pattern is also easy to read, unless I’ve been making too many Drops pattern that the lingo is getting easier to understand. I remember having a real hard time with the first Drops pattern I made.

Anyway, I added the pom-pom for extra cuteness. I thought it only appropriate for a baby’s hood to have a pom-pom. I also doubled the yarn for the tie string.

I made the smallest size. My baby is 2 months (10 pounds) and it fits her nicely. The hood is a bit large and will give her some room to grow into it. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Pattern: Garn Studio Drops baby pattern 16-1

Size made: 0-3 months

Yarn: Caron One Pound

Needle size: 11

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Entrelac Cubes

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 14, 2009

For a long time I looked for seamless cube patterns to make for babies but didn’t find any good ones. Finally I saw these on Ravelry while browsing the favorite patterns section. I had never done entrelac before but the pattern is super detailed and walks you through the whole process.


The first cube took maybe 6 hours, but once I finished that the next ones took half the time. I went up a few needle sizes because of the yarn I used.

My 2.5 year old nephew loves to play with them when he comes over. It’s one of the first thing he asks for after playing Mario Kart. 🙂 They’re great for him because they don’t hurt when he misses catching them (which is often!)

Pattern: Simple Entrelac Cubes (Ravelry link)

Needle: 10.5

Yarn: random bits of Caron, Sugar and Cream and Red Heart (I great stash buster!)

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Girly girl.

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 2, 2008

For a long time I’ve been eying this dress from Garn Studio. When we found out we were having a girl I knew it was the perfect keepsake to make. I’m hoping she will fit it for her baptism. It seems a bit large but I’m thinking the ribbon can be pulled in to fit snugly. Of course I was inspired by another user on Ravelry to create the poufy sleeves and to add a few extra inches to the length.

Baptismal Gown

The pattern called for size 3 needles but not having any on hand I went ahead and used size 5, but seemed to come out with the same gauge. I also skipped the crochet border for the sleeves and bottom since the dress seems pretty girly as is.

Baptismal Gown

Overall a great pattern and pretty easy to make. I can’t wait to see the baby in it!

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Posted by 2ton Inspired on September 15, 2008

At first the thought of making a blanket was really daunting. I wasn’t sure how long it would take and if I’d have enough interest to finish one, but I started one anyways to see how it goes. I actually quite enjoyed it and it went by faster then I thought it would. 

This was my first big crochet project. Up until I started this one I’ve only made amigurumi’s and baby booties. I think the toughest part for me was when to turn at the end of the row. A few times I had to rip back at least a few inches because I turned too early and the blanket was getting skinnier. 

In order to use two colors I carried the yarn across using a method called Tapestry Crochet. 

 Baby Blankie

The blanket is 6 squares by 8 squares. I haven’t measured it for the actual lentgh/width but it’s big enough for baby to lay on or to use as a stroller blanket. 

Pattern: Tiramisu Baby Blanket

Yarn: Caron One Pound

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Flying Saucer Booties

Posted by 2ton Inspired on August 22, 2008

I’ll admit it, I have a weakness for baby booties. The moment I saw these I had to make them. They’re crochet and are technically supposed to be Mary Janes with a buttoned strap but I cheated and made a little chain stitch strap instead. I also somehow counted wrong on the second bootie and the opening is a wee bit larger then the first one. Hopefully when they’re on baby you can’t tell the difference!

Easy to make for a crochet novice. They turned out a little flatter then I would have liked  (hence the name flying saucer!) and for the next ones I’m thinking  of doing another round tbl to create a loafer like height. Overall darling little booties and hopefully they’ll stay on.


Pattern: Mary Jane Booties from NewThingCrochet

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Blue Hoodie

Posted by 2ton Inspired on August 20, 2008

This is the Hooded Jacket pattern by Debbie Bliss.

Initially I started making the 9-12 month size thinking the baby could wear it next fall/winter but the first sleeve I made was extremely large. After reading on Ravelry that Debbie Bliss patterns tend to run large I decided to make the 3-6 months and hope that the baby will fit it during the right season.


Although I’m not opposed to seaming (once I figured out how to do it the right way!) I converted the pattern to be worked in the round for a quick finish. I also added a crochet trim around the edges to reduce the rolling effect of ss. The crochet trim is supposed to be scallops but it didn’t turn out too scallop-y.

One of the amazing users on Raverly had lined the jacket and I think I might do the same. That way it can be worn a little bit longer and will help keep the shape. But that’s going to have to wait until the sewing machine comes out of storage (we’re in the process of selling our home so no messy crafting projects until it’s finalized.) I think I have just the right fabric to use too.

The color turned out much brighter in the pictures (probably because I took it in direct sunlight!). It’s a more muted sea blue color then green. Oh, I also left off the button until after the lining has been added.

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