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Archive for the ‘Drops 103-1’ Category

Drops 103-1 – To the frog pond

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 21, 2008

I was so excited to start this pattern. I wanted it to be my go to sweater jacket for the chilly days. I should have seen the signs that it wasn’t meant to be. The shedding yarn (Bernat Alpaca), the way the front middle rode up, the odd shaped sleeves, the bunched up collar, the odd shaped sleeves that turned out too large, the yarn of varying widths… but I trucked through it and unfortunately it’s on the way to the frog pond.

The biggest issue I had was the seaming. The first time I seamed along the edges, seemed like the obvious choice. It turned out too large! The underarms were saggy and too wide. The body was way too large, even for an a-line. I thought I could take in the sleeve seams and cut off the excess, but it was hard to make both sides match. I also measured incorrectly and the front panels were longer then the front by a teeny bit and bunched up the side seams. What made the decision final was that the a-line shape wasn’t flattering on me.

I’m sure it’s a combination of the type of yarn, my gauge, my measurements and the overall look of the sweater that failed me. It was a little sad to rip it apart, but I’ve a few ideas of what to use the yarn for.

Here’s a picture of the finished jacket. It may not look so bad in the photos but I felt that it just wasn’t the right size, shape and yarn for me.

Drops 103-1

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Drops 103-1 – Almost there

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 20, 2007

It’s been my obsession the last few days to get this thing completed. I did more housework then knitting last night (hence the short post) but I made good progress and finished up the collar. It doesn’t quite look like the picture but before redoing it I’m going to seam up the sides and attach the sleeves to see the overall look.

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Drops 103-1 — Odd Shaped Sleeves

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 19, 2007


After finishing up knitting everything but the collar I put this aside for a few days to work up the energy to block. I know it doesn’t take much to block but the idea of it always sounds daunting. I successfully got the front and back pieces steam blocked to the same size… not too difficult because they actually weren’t off by too much.

The picture shows the two arms. (Terrible picture but I had to rush out the door) I assure you they are the same size even though the picture doesn’t look like it. It’s the angle. It’s hard to stand above and take a picture.

What I did see after blocking the sleeves is that one slope is steeper then the other. It’s not just one but both sleeves, the same side on both sleeves. So I kind of think its the pattern. Or more correctly how I interpreted the pattern. I’m not so good at reading these GarnStudio patterns. So far I’ve ended up reading and re-reading the instructions and still get confused sometimes.

I guess the debate is do I redo the decreases on the sleeves or do I attempt to seam it up and maybe probably have oddly set sleeves? I shouldn’t risk seaming on a odd shaped sleeve and have it turn out ugly, but I know I will. I also know I’ll hate it and redo it. Measure twice cut once. Lessons we never learn.

Ahh but the collar is half finished. I couldn’t really get those instructions straight either and sort of winged it. Somehow when I picked up stitches I got way way more then the recommended but the number of times I need to increase to match up the collar to the edge of the front pieces is more then 9. This part may also see a frogging too.

And here I thought this would be an easy sweater to knock out.

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Drops 103-1 — Ooopsies!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 3, 2007

I knew it was too good to be true when I started thinking I was in the homestretch of the jacket. The sleeves were going well. Double moss for 4 inches. Decrease every 2 inches after that, ready to start BO for sleeve cap…. did you catch it? I sure didn’t until I was ready to BO for the sleeve caps. I was suppose to increase every 2 inches instead of decrease. I was still in the mindset of the front and back pieces and was thinking decrease on the sides.

Turns out it wasn’t a bad thing that I had to frog both sleeves. I was able to fix two more things I made mistakes on.

Mistake #1: Not buying enough yarn
The new ball is from a different lot so I decided to use it for the double moss section and the collar to avoid a noticeable color change (if any, I haven’t noticed).

Mistake #2: Same dye lot, different thickness
Confession, I did notice this early on in the sleeves but convinced myself that it shouldn’t make a difference. Instincts are good. We should trust them (and follow them!) but often times we don’t. This was one of those times. I could feel one ball was not as thick. I didn’t measure the width until after I started ripping. It was a good thing I did because the thinner yarn was almost an inch shorter. I would have ended up with one too small sleeve. To fix the problem I re-wound my balls and am using Thin Ball for 2 rows and then using Thick Ball for 2 rows. Since I’m also doing both sleeves at once this makes for very messy piles of yarn. I hope it works out.

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Drops 103-1 – One part done!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 9, 2007

Thank goodness for TV night (Smallville and Grey’s Anatomy). I finished the back piece last night. So far it’s coming along well. The tension seems versatile enough to make it a sweater or jacket. I’m a bit mystified at the amount of shedding the yarn does though. My knitting area has little “hairs” of the yarn all over. I hope it won’t continue to do that when it’s finished.

This is my first official Drops pattern and it’s taking some time to get use to the terminology and the (lack of) directions. Most of the patterns I have used are quite detailed and tell you when to attach another ball or when to knit both sides at the same time. I also had to copy/paste the instructions into MS Word and break it up into a new line for each time the instructions changed. But I’m truckin’ through it.

I’m thinking of doing both the front pieces at the same time since they should fit on the circs. That way I’m also ensuring that the decreases match. Plus it will feel like its going fast because I’ll finish both at the same time.

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