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Twinkle sweater, baby sized!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 19, 2009

Starting my baby on a fashion kick early I wanted to find a cute, girly and modern sweater to knit. After looking through countless baby patterns I ended up looking through Twinkles Weekend Knits and knew I had found the sweater. The Cloudburst Cardigan.

Baby Cloudburst Cardigan

The conversion was very easy. I used smaller needles and followed the pattern for the large. To get the right length for the arms and body I measured one of my daughters sweaters. The sleeves were made to 5.5 inches before attaching to the body. The body was made to 6.5 inches before attaching the arms. I did fudge a little at the top because I forgot about the buttons and the short rows (even after the pattern insisted I read through the whole instructions for the yolk).

Baby Cloudburst Cardigan

After trying it on my daughter I removed the ruffle. It just got in the way and looked puffy. If I were to make it again I would probably use size 11 needles (I think it turned out a little too stiff), follow the medium or small size and add an inch or two to the width of the bottom half (to cover the baby belly a little bit more).

The sweater is supposed to be garter side out but I really like the detail of the raglan decreases.

Baby Cloudburst Cardigan

Pattern: Cloudburst Cardigan from Twinkles Weekend Knits

Needle: Size 9

Yarn: Caron oneĀ  pound


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Lets go shopping!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on April 14, 2008

The verdict is still up in the air about how I feel about this variation of the tunic. I used worsted weight yarn and size 11 needles. For the most part I followed the pattern increasing and shaping where instructed. I should have made it a bit shorter and probably added more shaping to the waist (I only did the number indicated in the size M pattern) to give it a more fitted look. Even though it’s a tad big I think it’ll look ok with skinny jeans and a belt.

Since I’m not fond of curling edges I added ribbing at the bottom and on the sleeves.

I also prefer the knit side to the garter so I turned it inside out before sewing up the pockets. Otherwise if you skip the pockets it can be reversible. No action shots yet, but I hope to have some soon.


Overall an easy pattern to follow after I got past the pocket issues. (See post 1 or check out craftster’s Knitalong thread). Using worsted weight yarn and smaller needles seems to work out well once you do the math. Like I mentioned earlier I think there needs to be added shaping as well. We’ll also see how well Red Heart Soft holds up to normal wear.

Pattern: Shopping Tunic, Twinkles Big City Knits

Yarn: Red Heart Soft (2.25 balls)

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Shopping Tunic Using Worsted Weight Yarn

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 31, 2008

A few weeks ago I went to JoAnn Fabrics during a huge sale and bought some Red Heart Soft to make a Twinkle sweater. At the time I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to make but I had written down how many yards I would need for various sweaters. My lack of math skills came to surface during this shopping trip because I knew that I would need to double or triple the yarn to get gauge, but somehow I ended up coming home with only 3 balls. Definitely not enough if I doubled the yarn.

Just a quick note about Red Heart Soft… I really like the sheen the yarn has although I’m not sure how well it will hold up with a sweater. The two hats I made for my nephew are Red Heart Soft and it’s only been a few months but they already look worn down! It could be that since they are young boys, they are a little rough with the hats but part of me thinks it’s the yarn.

(The yarn looks hot pink here but it’s a nice dark red.)

Anyway, back to the yarn shortage…. I decided that I really wanted to make the Twinkle Shopping Tunic but with the shortage I am using size 11 needles with the yarn (single stranded) and am adjusting the pattern for my gauge as I go. So far so good on that part!

I had a little trouble understanding the pocket directions but Ravelry and Craftster users who had made the sweater before really helped out. Essentially the pocket pieces made at the beginning are the liners. As you are looking at your sweater after knitting the pocket row, the pocket pieces will dangle down and later be seamed to the sweater. From here continue working with the pocket pieces. The sts that are put on the holders are the fronts of the pockets and later on those will be picked up and topped with ribbing.

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Balthezar Vest

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 27, 2008

While I really like how the vest turned out but the pattern leaves much to be desired. It is vary vague and leaves a lot up to the knitter. I made the medium since I didn’t want it to be too huggy. (Following the Twinkle sizing I should make small.)

The eyelets were mentioned but it didn’t talk about how many rows to carry it through. I went until the split of the arms from the back. I counted the ones in the picture and it’s 9 (mine turned out to be 11), but it can also be a sizing issue.

Another issue was with the back. The pattern mentions working until 25 inches and then BO for the shoulders but that would make it too long for the front overall. I ended up starting the BO at about 21 inches and only doing 3 decreases on each side

The neck border was written wrong. It should be in K1, P1 rib.

There’s a few more that you can find here. She also talks more about the pattern.

BalthVest Balthezar Vest 2-08 15

Balthezar Vest 2-08 10 Balthezar Vest 2-08 12


– I was running short on yarn and only did about 3 rows on the neck band and only did half cap sleeves using short rows

– Used Size 19 needles for everything but the neckband and sleeve caps. My friend has made this and recommended using the size 19 needles for the bottom rib to make it more stretchy.

– Yarn. I quadrupled Caron one pounder that I had in my stash. I used the whole ball save a yard or two of end clippings.


– I love the color! (I think the picture with the black shirt is the most accurate)

– It doesn’t feel too chunky. ie. I don’t feel like a marshmallow!


– I can’t decide which shirt to wear with it. I thought taking pictures of various shirts would help but it’s gotten me even more confused. I am leaning towards the pink cowl/turtle neck one, but I think it washes out the purple color a little.

Help a girl out? Which look do you prefer?

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Nimbus Sweater

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 14, 2008

Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)

Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)

Nimbus Sweater (Twinkle)

Ta-da! My first FO from Twinkles Weekend Knits.

Rather then only doubling the yarn for the neck and making it full length, I decided to go with the funnel neck look that Omiru talked about last week. Since I’m “not blessed with a long swan neck” I thought the shorter wider funnel as suggested would be my fashion statement for this winter.

I really like the shaping although if when I make it again I’d make it a few inches longer since the bottom edge curls up. The yarn is definitely lacking in luster and since it was from my stash (a frogged sweater to be exact and quite cheap in the first place) it was a bit cut up and I had to weave in quite a few ends. Someday I hope to be able to splurge and use Twinkle yarn. I can imagine how beautiful it would look.

I would also probably make the large since I’m not too fond of the way it stretches, which its supposed to do but it makes me feel as if it’s too small! Also, somehow my sleeves turned out to be quarter length rather then full like the girl in the photo’s. (Maybe she has short arms?!)

There’s a small errata that I found. Under BODY, RND 5 should read: Knit across front stitches to the marker, slip marker, k3, k2tg, yo, k13 (15,17), yo, ssk, k3.

I was also confused about the neck piece. I followed the instructions and ended up with the wrong side out. I thought it gave the neck some character so I didn’t bother trying to figure out the error, but I think if you go the opposite way it will work (pickup the sleeve, back, sleeve, front).

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Twinkle’s Weekend Knits

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 12, 2008

twinkleweekend.jpgI can’t get enough of Wenlan Chia’s designs. Her first book Twinkles Big City Knits was ah-ma-zing. Chunky yarn with big ol’ needles made quick projects. Also despite what most would think, some of the knits looked equally amazing on ‘real’ people (ie. not models size negative 0!). For the longest time I browsed through the book whenever I was at the bookstore.

I was on the waiting list at the library for this book for at least a month before I finally made my first Twinkle Hoodie. The Hoodie is the front runner in receiving complements. Most don’t even know that I made it! And I often get wide eyed stares when I reveal that it wasn’t store bought.

When a friend and I found out there was a second book coming out we decided to order both, split the cost and share the books. The designs are just as great, maybe even better since there seems to be more creative ways of shaping to make the chunky knits flatter the body. Also, this book is for the “fun getaway” so they lean more towards casual then some of the stylish looks of the first book.

nimbus.gifI have already started on one of the sweaters, the Nimbus Sweater, in a cream color using 4 strands of Lion Brand Pound of Love. The shaping on this is different then what I’ve done before. There are YO’s in the shaping on the sides of the back which make an interesting detail (the husband asked why there are so many holes!)

I really like that there is little seaming. The sleeves are made first (flat) then body is worked in the round and the sleeves are worked in to make the yolk. Tonight I’ll be starting the neck. I hope I have enough yarn. I’m thinking of only double stranding so that it won’t be too floufy (is that a word? not quite fluffy but flou-fy!) and weighed down.

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Twinkle Hoodie

Posted by 2ton Inspired on October 29, 2007

Who doesn’t love the perfect cold weather hoodie?

This was a super quick project. Going the el cheapo creative route, I used Lion Brands A Pound of Love in Denim quadruple stranded (low budget but it does require some patience and mad skillz to re-wind the balls into quadruple strands).

I also decided to go the creative route with the buttons and made my own using the stiff mesh, some interfacing and mini 12×12 ss st squares. Not only do they match perfectly but I didn’t have to spend time searching out those 1.5 inch buttons!

Surprisingly the only modifications I made were to the sleeves (longer) and I skipped the pockets. No need to add extra bulk in there! Ok, so I got stuck on the pocket part of the pattern and scratched it. Either way I like the way it turned out sans pockets.

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Kangaroo Tunic – Going under the knife

Posted by 2ton Inspired on October 26, 2007

This was finished almost two months ago and even though it’s gotten cold enough to wear I haven’t found the right way to wear this. The obvious choice is a long sleeved tee-shirt, but in what color? White doesn’t quite go well with the cream, light pink doesn’t match at all, black would be too opposite. A light brown I suppose would be OK but that would require me to search out one at the stores.

Today while roaming around Target (I was good and didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on my list!) I saw a few hoodies with ribbed sleeves. I’m thinking of trying that out on this sweater. Basically taking out the pink ribbed trim and add cream colored ribbed sleeves. Quarter length I think.

The more I think about it the more I think I’ll wear it with the sleeves. Hmm… maybe thinner sleeves then the body since the body was quadruple yarn….

I don’t know what possesses me to knit sleeveless sweaters.

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