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Archive for the ‘WIP’ Category

Shopping Tunic Using Worsted Weight Yarn

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 31, 2008

A few weeks ago I went to JoAnn Fabrics during a huge sale and bought some Red Heart Soft to make a Twinkle sweater. At the time I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to make but I had written down how many yards I would need for various sweaters. My lack of math skills came to surface during this shopping trip because I knew that I would need to double or triple the yarn to get gauge, but somehow I ended up coming home with only 3 balls. Definitely not enough if I doubled the yarn.

Just a quick note about Red Heart Soft… I really like the sheen the yarn has although I’m not sure how well it will hold up with a sweater. The two hats I made for my nephew are Red Heart Soft and it’s only been a few months but they already look worn down! It could be that since they are young boys, they are a little rough with the hats but part of me thinks it’s the yarn.

(The yarn looks hot pink here but it’s a nice dark red.)

Anyway, back to the yarn shortage…. I decided that I really wanted to make the Twinkle Shopping Tunic but with the shortage I am using size 11 needles with the yarn (single stranded) and am adjusting the pattern for my gauge as I go. So far so good on that part!

I had a little trouble understanding the pocket directions but Ravelry and Craftster users who had made the sweater before really helped out. Essentially the pocket pieces made at the beginning are the liners. As you are looking at your sweater after knitting the pocket row, the pocket pieces will dangle down and later be seamed to the sweater. From here continue working with the pocket pieces. The sts that are put on the holders are the fronts of the pockets and later on those will be picked up and topped with ribbing.


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Lots o’ Cables

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 20, 2008

This project has been on and off for a few weeks. I chose it because the final product will look adorable plus I thought the cable ribbed pattern would be interesting enough to hold my attention. Unfortunately it hasn’t. I’ve got about 8 more inches to go (16 inches total so far!) I can’t say much about this except for it’s a baby item for a friend.

Last night I kept telling myself I can keep going and then got sleepy! Knitting never makes me sleepy so I think it’s time for an instant gratification project (like making the Saartje’s Bootees last weekend wasn’t soon enough!).

I’ll probably start working on something Easter related for my nephews. Egg cozies or little bunnies. Kind of last minute but I tend to work well under pressure! Zakka Life Crafts has these cute Bunny Egg Cozies that I think would look adorable in a small basket of eggs. Neatly Tangled posted a pattern for bunny heads that she says were popular with her kids. (Ok so she calls them Bring Spring Bunnies, but they are just bunny heads!)

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Baby time

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 10, 2008

baby-jacket.jpgI’ve been meaning to start on a few baby boy items for a friend, but haven’t been inspired by any patterns. My sister (who has two boys of her own) suggested cardigans for the ease of putting it on a squirmy baby and hats because babies can never have to many.

This weekend I spent some time on Ravelry searching various cardigan patterns and fell in love with the Ribbed Baby Jacket from Debbie Bliss. (bonus points for being free at Prima’s website!) OK, so the picture I have is a girl version but there are some beautiful photos on Rav in boy colors.

I wanted to go with a non-standard boy color but the store didn’t have many options. There was a lime green color but it seemed too bright and I’m not sure lime green looks good on Asian skin anyway. The browns weren’t dark enough for me so in the end I went with Sugar’n Cream yarn in a baby blue color. The blue also matches a Sugar’n Cream Twists ball I have in my stash. I have some ideas for using both together already.

The pattern is coming along. The cardigan is worked in one piece and I’ve already finished the back and half of the arms. I’m just starting on the left front. I haven’t decided on the closure though. While at the store I did pick up two packs of various buttons in different colors. Or maybe just snap closures. Anny Purls made a cute Chinese button that I can see working for a boy too.

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WIP it! WIP it good.

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 21, 2008

DSC04457 (Small)


Antro Inspired Caplet

Or not really good. I try my hardest to be a monogamous knitter, but sometimes there are just those projects that (1) seem endless or (2) were so fun to start and then got mundane or (3) were finished just to be finished and don’t really look flattering.

Lucky me I have one of all three.

The first – endless – is the For the Horde scarf (top picture). I’ve never been big on making scarves, and if I did make them they were skinny on huge needles. This one’s a doozie because it’s double knit which means I’m pretty much making two scarves! I figure I need to make it at least 66 inches to wrap around once. I’m almost at 30 inches. so I’m a little short then half way there. One inch at a time I suppose.

The second – fun to start – is the EZ February Sweater (middle picture). I started this way back in December when I was hopeful that one of my friends was going to have a girl. I really like the pattern and enjoy the lace part but after awhile I got tired of concentrating so hard! I just wanted something mindless and then I found out the friend is having a boy instead! It got put on the back burner for awhile, but I’m about 4 inches shy of finishing.
Finally, the third – finish it already – is the Anthropology Inspired Caplet. I’ll admit it now. I failed myself. I finished it to finish it. I hate the way the bottom flares out like that. I hate where I put the buttons and the sleeves are meh. I already ripped out the bottom 4 inches of rib and did a nice garter trim (only 4 rows so it falls right at my hip bone and doesn’t flare out like that). I ripped back the sleeves and plan on giving them a little bell shape ending in 4 rows of garter. The collar is undecided. I might move the buttons to the top and leave it at that. Or maybe try to find a flattering collar detail.

And so I end with a lament that I’m going to be spending more time with these guys and probably won’t have much to report. I want to finish at least two of them before starting something new!

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Twinkle’s Weekend Knits

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 12, 2008

twinkleweekend.jpgI can’t get enough of Wenlan Chia’s designs. Her first book Twinkles Big City Knits was ah-ma-zing. Chunky yarn with big ol’ needles made quick projects. Also despite what most would think, some of the knits looked equally amazing on ‘real’ people (ie. not models size negative 0!). For the longest time I browsed through the book whenever I was at the bookstore.

I was on the waiting list at the library for this book for at least a month before I finally made my first Twinkle Hoodie. The Hoodie is the front runner in receiving complements. Most don’t even know that I made it! And I often get wide eyed stares when I reveal that it wasn’t store bought.

When a friend and I found out there was a second book coming out we decided to order both, split the cost and share the books. The designs are just as great, maybe even better since there seems to be more creative ways of shaping to make the chunky knits flatter the body. Also, this book is for the “fun getaway” so they lean more towards casual then some of the stylish looks of the first book.

nimbus.gifI have already started on one of the sweaters, the Nimbus Sweater, in a cream color using 4 strands of Lion Brand Pound of Love. The shaping on this is different then what I’ve done before. There are YO’s in the shaping on the sides of the back which make an interesting detail (the husband asked why there are so many holes!)

I really like that there is little seaming. The sleeves are made first (flat) then body is worked in the round and the sleeves are worked in to make the yolk. Tonight I’ll be starting the neck. I hope I have enough yarn. I’m thinking of only double stranding so that it won’t be too floufy (is that a word? not quite fluffy but flou-fy!) and weighed down.

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Mitts and more Mitts

Posted by 2ton Inspired on February 8, 2008

My mom has requested another pair of fingerless gloves. While she likes the fair isle of the last pair the yarn gets caught in her rings and bracelets. She wanted to buy the yarn for the next pair and I wasn’t going to say no. Hehee.

The yarn is Lion Brand Suede and it’s a bit thicker then most fingerless gloves patterns but I think I’ve found one that will work – SuperQuick Fingerless Mitts from Spindle and Wheel. Since I don’t have dpn’s in the right size and magic loop doesn’t work well for me on small projects like gloves/mittens I’m doing them on straight. I hope they fit! I get the feeling that the CO is a bit too tight, but I used size 10.5 needles to cast on. I’m only about 2 inches in so time will tell.

I really wanted to do something with a pretty cable pattern (Evangeline from MagKnits or Twisted Maiden from Magic Fingers) but the yarn isn’t agreeable. Maybe next time and maybe for me….


WIP Update Friday’s

  • EZ February Tunic: 70%
  • Mom’s 2nd fingerless gloves: 10%

Dropouts (frogged)

  • Kangaroo Tunic

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Caplet Redux

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 31, 2008

first sweater 09 2006 (small)

My first official wearable knit was this caplet. The pattern is the infamous Anthropology Inspired Caplet by Peony Knits. For a first garment it wasn’t so bad. I learned how to do some simple calculations to make it fit me. I learned how a raglan sweater is constructed. The only bummer was that the two skeins of Caron Simply Soft pink didn’t match in color.

It was a little sad to frog but I knew it was for the better. It also meant that the pattern would go untouched for years. Not because I didn’t want to make it but because I needed time to forget the pain from ripping my first garment. Who would have thought I’d use the yarn from my second ripped garment (Drops 103-1) to make the sweater from my first? Not me!

I wanted something fairly easy that would look good with the yarn (Bernat Alpaca Silk) and saw a very pretty version of the caplet with the same yarn on Ravelry. I plan on making it longer with quarter (or full) sleeves and a collar. I CO for it last night and am a good 6 inches in.

Hopefully these two failures will create something lovely.

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More Miniature Ornaments (Links)

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 14, 2007

What started my miniature ornament making spree?

I saw these stockings stocking.giffrom Little Cotton Rabbits on Ravelry in all different colors and motifs and just aww’ed. All the pictures that people took of their mini stockings were adorable! From the stockings I found these mittens mittens.gif from Pink Argyle and aww’ed some more. I instantly added them to my queue.

Now if those two hadn’t been enough the clincher would have been these adorable sweaters sweater.giffrom Berroco that I just saw this morning. I just might have to force myself to forget the horrors that were the mini sweater I just finished and try out one or two of them.

There’s also a hat pattern cap.gifthat I found (but didn’t follow when I made my hat) with pompoms and ear flaps.

Now, go forth and make your own set! They look cute on the tree and are (for the most part) quick to whip up.


WIP Update Friday’s

  • Drops 103-1: 60%
  • Double knitted Travis scarf: 20%
  • Adding Sleeves to my Kangaroo Tunic: 20%
  • Double knitted mittens: 40%

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