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Archive for the ‘Pattern’ Category

Batman chart

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 7, 2009

You may remember this hat I made for my nephew last Christmas.


Today I finally converted the chart into a digital file to share!

Batman Chart

Batmant knitting chart


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Chunky Mitts and Hat Patterns

Posted by 2ton Inspired on May 9, 2008

How exciting! Yesterday I was contacted by a reader who had posted a link to my site in a charity group forum for the Simple Shoes (from Uniform Studio) and hat and mittens I had made awhile back. The hat and mittens are my own pattern and I had posted the mitten pattern back then, but the hat came a little bit later and I never got around to writing it up.

The email was just the push I needed and they’re both added to the Patterns page as PDF’s. I actually haven’t had a chance to test knit them and hope there are no mistakes in the patterns, but as usual, feel free to contact me. I also haven’t actually tried these on a real baby either so please let me know if they’re completely the wrong size!

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More Miniature Ornaments (Links)

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 14, 2007

What started my miniature ornament making spree?

I saw these stockings stocking.giffrom Little Cotton Rabbits on Ravelry in all different colors and motifs and just aww’ed. All the pictures that people took of their mini stockings were adorable! From the stockings I found these mittens mittens.gif from Pink Argyle and aww’ed some more. I instantly added them to my queue.

Now if those two hadn’t been enough the clincher would have been these adorable sweaters sweater.giffrom Berroco that I just saw this morning. I just might have to force myself to forget the horrors that were the mini sweater I just finished and try out one or two of them.

There’s also a hat pattern cap.gifthat I found (but didn’t follow when I made my hat) with pompoms and ear flaps.

Now, go forth and make your own set! They look cute on the tree and are (for the most part) quick to whip up.


WIP Update Friday’s

  • Drops 103-1: 60%
  • Double knitted Travis scarf: 20%
  • Adding Sleeves to my Kangaroo Tunic: 20%
  • Double knitted mittens: 40%

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First Pattern, Hurray!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 5, 2007

Like the title says, I just posted my first pattern on Craftster & Ralvery. It’s kinda exciting cause now my pattern page here is no longer under construction. Hehe.

fingerlessmitten_sm.jpg Fingerless Mittens

Edit 2/26/08: I removed the link for ease of updating. You can download the most recent version on my Patterns page.

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