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Spring Fever!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on March 14, 2008

It’s been super warm the last few days and it got me thinking about sunny days, beaches and our last vacation. To highlight our recent vacation I made a Scrapblog. Unfortunately I can’t embed the Scrapblog itself into my post because of WordPress limitations, but you can view it by clicking here.

For those of you who don’t know what scrapblog is, it is like an online scrapbook. You create it all on a webpage (no downloading of software) and can share it by embedding or linking. There are a lot of themes or you can create from scratch.

Some of the newer features I like are:

  • You can pull pictures down from Photobucket, Flickr, Webshots, Facebook, Picasa and Smugmug. You can also upload to Scrapblog but if you’re already posting photos somewhere else why hassle?
  • You can publish pages from your Scrapblog to Facebook as an album.
  • Youtube videos can be embedded.

Side note: It’s been a slow few weeks in the crafting realm since some of the things I’m working on are taking forever. I’ve been pretty good at daily posting but these days there’s not much to say (who wants to read about the same old project for days in a row?) so posts won’t be as regular but still a few times a week.






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Cruising the Mexican Riviera

Posted by 2ton Inspired on January 14, 2008

It’s weird to say it but it’s good to be back! It was a week of eating, sleeping, sunbathing, reading, eating, sightseeing, eating, walking, and did I mention eating? There was also some motion sickness but lets not think about that!

We boarded the Golden Princess on a gloomy day in LA and set sail for the Mexican Riviera, specifically to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas. Surprisingly the weather was a bit chilly for me – mid 70’s to 80’s. Never having been to Mexico in January I was expecting the hot humid days of spring.

The first two days were aboard the ship. It was nice to sleep in, mozy on up to the buffet for breakfast, lay out in the sun for a few hours, grab some lunch, retire to the cabin for a nap before heading out for the evening shows and dinner. And repeat!

What a treat it was to have daily turn down and maid service! This photo is of the nightly chocolates and our breakfast room service form.

Princess Cruise

This is our ship from the small boats that took us into Cabo San Lucas.
Golden Princess Ship

The first stop was in Puerto Vallarta. Having been there a few times already we decided to skip any tours and walk around downtown and have lunch on the beach. I have to say that weekends are much more festive. There are more market and food vendors, live music and many more locals out and about with their families. I would highly recommend going into downtown (the Malcacon Strip) on a Saturday or Sunday.

Puerto Vallarta

The next stop was in Mazatlan. The port area was beautiful with mountains in the background and colorful houses dotted along the hillsides. Here’s where we worked off the 24-hour buffet service by walking from the Golden Zone back to the ship, about 6 miles! It was a cloudy day and the walkway was located right next to the ocean so we had a great view. It was a little unfortunate that we were so tired by the time we reached Old Mazatlan because there is a church, market and some small shops that looked interesting.



Last up was Cabo San Lucas. We decided to sign up for a beach tour and got to spend the day lounging around at one of the resorts. It was the perfect sunny day. The beach is probably the best of the three cities we visited. The sand was smooth and the water clear. We drove through downtown and it looked very modern and lively.

Cabo San Lucas

These rocks are one of the highlights of Cabo. They call it Lovers Cove. We didn’t get to make it out there this time but I’m sure we will eventually. I love how this picture captures the rock formations and the many activities available.

Cabo San Lucas

After disembarking the ship we spent a day in LA before heading home. It was a nice way to wind down after the trip. A few hours in Chinatown to satisfy our cravings for Pho (Vietnamese soup) and then off to Little Saigon for rice and Vietnamese coffee.

LA, Chinatown

Even with the motion sickness I will definitely cruise again (but will go see the doctor for the patch!). Next time maybe to the Caribbeans or even Europe!

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Recovered from Seattle

Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 20, 2007

It was a great trip to Seattle. I got to see Travis (one of my favorite bands), got in some girl time with my friends and hung out with my cousins. It was a bit short but I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. We were pretty busy and got to see some of the sights we probably would have missed (thanks to my favorite cousins!)

Travis. I love this band. They’re such sweet guys and real genuine. They have so much fun on stage with each other and the audience that it’s contagious. Plus they really take the time to talk to fans. We got a great spot near the stage, but many of my pictures were blurry… it’s a good thing I took a lot! I could go on and on, but I’ll let the pictures show for themselves.

Click here for the full Travis album


Fran and Dougie

The two days following the show we visited around the space needle, Pikes Place Market and did some shopping downtown. Mainly it was eat, shop, coffee and repeat! Such amazing food and coffee. I also went a little crazy with the scenic pictures.

Click here to view the full scenic album.





My friend and I got so inspired by some of the shops we went in for knitting ideas. I can’t wait to get started on them!

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Posted by 2ton Inspired on November 15, 2007

It’s barely been cold enough for snow and we’re already planning our escape. At first we were planning to go back to the Grand Mayan but with no rooms available (in Los Cabos) and sky high prices (to Acapulco) we settled on a Cruise. It’ll be our first so it’s pretty exciting. Plus a great way to start off the new year.

I’m picturing it now… hearing the ocean waves, sandy beaches, sipping cocktails poolside…

You can picture it too, since now is a good time as any to put together the photos from our last vacation to Puerto Vallarta.




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