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Archive for December, 2007

Hey Santa!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 21, 2007

It’s holiday time which means I’ll be on a hiatus for the next week and then back for a few days before heading out for a week long cruise.

Hopefully there will be plenty to blog about and new FO’s to share.

Here’s a peek at our Christmas Village. The Santa is a cutout from Custom Paper Toys.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


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Drops 103-1 – Almost there

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 20, 2007

It’s been my obsession the last few days to get this thing completed. I did more housework then knitting last night (hence the short post) but I made good progress and finished up the collar. It doesn’t quite look like the picture but before redoing it I’m going to seam up the sides and attach the sleeves to see the overall look.

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Drops 103-1 — Odd Shaped Sleeves

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 19, 2007


After finishing up knitting everything but the collar I put this aside for a few days to work up the energy to block. I know it doesn’t take much to block but the idea of it always sounds daunting. I successfully got the front and back pieces steam blocked to the same size… not too difficult because they actually weren’t off by too much.

The picture shows the two arms. (Terrible picture but I had to rush out the door) I assure you they are the same size even though the picture doesn’t look like it. It’s the angle. It’s hard to stand above and take a picture.

What I did see after blocking the sleeves is that one slope is steeper then the other. It’s not just one but both sleeves, the same side on both sleeves. So I kind of think its the pattern. Or more correctly how I interpreted the pattern. I’m not so good at reading these GarnStudio patterns. So far I’ve ended up reading and re-reading the instructions and still get confused sometimes.

I guess the debate is do I redo the decreases on the sleeves or do I attempt to seam it up and maybe probably have oddly set sleeves? I shouldn’t risk seaming on a odd shaped sleeve and have it turn out ugly, but I know I will. I also know I’ll hate it and redo it. Measure twice cut once. Lessons we never learn.

Ahh but the collar is half finished. I couldn’t really get those instructions straight either and sort of winged it. Somehow when I picked up stitches I got way way more then the recommended but the number of times I need to increase to match up the collar to the edge of the front pieces is more then 9. This part may also see a frogging too.

And here I thought this would be an easy sweater to knock out.

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2008 Calendar

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 18, 2007

In years past I always said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to create a mini calendar to give to our friends/family?” And then family stuff would come up or work would get busy and I just never got around to it. I thought this year would be the same ‘ol story but surprise surprise, it’s not.

It was one of those “Ah ha!” moments where I had the right images, the right software and and figured out the right process. I love those moments. I wish I had these moments every day.

A few days ago I stumbled upon a website called The PotterPuffs and quickly fell in love with the Powderpuff Girls inspired artwork. I found that the artist was open to sharing their work and allowing visitors to use images that were not commissioned by others.

I was inspired and with the vision of the calendar in my head I started. Using Microsoft Publisher to obtain the calendar dates (call me efficient… or lazy!) I copy/pasted them into InDesign to create the layout. Calendar on bottom, picture on top. I was even able to find some Harry Potter fonts from for the month name and cover.

The calendars are small (measures 2.5×2 inches) and I haven’t decided how I’m going to put them together yet. A center ring maybe? Or rubber cement the top and find a stand? I think they’re too small for the CD cover/stand though. Thoughts?

I’m toying with the thought of using Photoshop to create some abstract art for a more grown up version of the calendars. Or maybe using some of the pictures I took during our last few vacations.

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Little Mitts, Little Mitts

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 17, 2007


Baby Hat 8-2007 1

With a little time to spare I was able to finish these double knit mittens at my knitting get together on Saturday morning. It took me almost 3 hours to seam! There were 4 edges but still seaming should not take so long. I really wanted to stitch the word Autobot on them but that would have required a few more days that I didn’t have.

We had an early Christmas on Saturday for the nephews this year since they are going to be out of town next week. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of him actually wearing it (I was the designated videographer) but trust me, it was adorable.

The hat is big enough for him to grow into and the mittens fit perfectly now. Which is good since I’m sure he won’t fit them (the mittens) next winter.

I think I’ll be taking a break from double knitting for awhile. My left hand tenses up because I’m trying too hard to keep both strands tension equal. It makes really warm and cozy looking hats/mittens but my fingers need a rest.

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More Miniature Ornaments (Links)

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 14, 2007

What started my miniature ornament making spree?

I saw these stockings stocking.giffrom Little Cotton Rabbits on Ravelry in all different colors and motifs and just aww’ed. All the pictures that people took of their mini stockings were adorable! From the stockings I found these mittens mittens.gif from Pink Argyle and aww’ed some more. I instantly added them to my queue.

Now if those two hadn’t been enough the clincher would have been these adorable sweaters sweater.giffrom Berroco that I just saw this morning. I just might have to force myself to forget the horrors that were the mini sweater I just finished and try out one or two of them.

There’s also a hat pattern cap.gifthat I found (but didn’t follow when I made my hat) with pompoms and ear flaps.

Now, go forth and make your own set! They look cute on the tree and are (for the most part) quick to whip up.


WIP Update Friday’s

  • Drops 103-1: 60%
  • Double knitted Travis scarf: 20%
  • Adding Sleeves to my Kangaroo Tunic: 20%
  • Double knitted mittens: 40%

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Miniature Ornaments, part 3

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 13, 2007


This sweater may look adorable but it’s a ton of work. It’s knit flat in pieces (front, back, arms) and then knit round for the yolk. This should have been one of those times where I read the pattern fully before jumping in, but alas, it wasn’t and I jumped in. Head first none the less.

If I make more I will definitely modify the pattern to work in the round. No seams and as little ends as possible. The nice thing about these being so small (and for me) is that I don’t have to weave in the ends. I cheated and just tucked them up inside hoping they won’t peek out as they hang.

For some reason I also had trouble laying out the “N.” The rum and coke may have played a part in it but I couldn’t get it right until I whipped out the graph paper and charted it and then it made sense.

The pattern is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Again I forgot to measure the sweater but it’s probably 3 inches wide and 2 inches tall. I meant for them all to be proportional, but like me, the wear-er of these has a small head and big feet.

They do add a bit of Christmas color to our tree so overall I’m pleased with them. Tonight I hope to finish up the last of the mini’s.

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Miniature Ornaments, part 2

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 12, 2007

Second ornament down, 2 more to go!

I winged this pattern using the same green/red square element as the stocking. It didn’t take terribly long (maybe 2 hours). I think it took me longer to stitch on the “O”, create the pompom and add ear-flaps then actual knitting time. It’s considerably smaller then the stocking because I made it almost the same width (CO was 21).

Another fun, quick, instant gratification knit.

I forgot to measure it but I think it’s about 1 inch wide and 2 inches tall (from pompom to the tail of the ear flaps).

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Miniature Ornaments

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 11, 2007

Each year D and I each get to buy one miniature ornament from Hallmark. This year I decided to make mine. I was going to stop at just this one and make one a year for a set with our last name on it, but D talked me out of it and said, “Who knows what you’ll be into next year and if you’ll have time or be interested. So you should do them all this year.” It makes sense (although I’m doubtful I’ll lose interest in knitting anytime soon) so I’ve plans for making 3 more miniatures.

This stocking was pretty quick (about 2.5 hours). I used the pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. The only change was the yarn type (leftover scraps from my getting-to-large scrap bag). I forgot how tedious it was to work with small needles. I always have to remind myself to not grip the needles too tightly.

The great thing about doing this pattern was learning how to do the heel. Never having done socks before I think this was a nice way to learn. It wasn’t very involving but it gave enough so I got the gist of it. I just might attempt some children’s socks soon (after I finish all my WIP’s of course!).

It measures about 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide.

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Autobots, roll out!

Posted by 2ton Inspired on December 10, 2007


Baby Hat 8-2007 1

Baby Hat 8-2007 1

How adorable is this going to be on a 5 year old?

I revamped the chart from yes, i MADE that to be smaller since I was using size 7 needles. (Her pattern calls for size 3, I think. Which is probably why my last attempt turned out so huge!). I really like the way the black hat with the green Autobot turned out. You can really see the symbol. The green hat with the black Autobot looks good too but you have to look harder to recognize the Autobot symbol. I think it’s because my purl stitches are looser (the green hat side was the purl side) and it doesn’t look as tight.

The ear flaps were added at the end by just picking up and knitting. I should have paid more attention to the types of decreases I was using so that both sides would match, but it’s not a big deal. I’m sure I’ll be the only one to notice that they’re not symmetrical.

I read somewhere (in a magazine or on forums) that you shouldn’t point out mistakes to recipients. One of the reasons were that they might feel that you’re downplaying your skills and the idea of handcraft. Which makes complete sense to me. I always try to make a perfect item, especially if it’s a gift, but there are times when you don’t see the mistake until the very end or until it’s 10 inches too late.

The double knit really makes it a warm hat and who doesn’t like the idea of reversible? My next double knit project is going to be another Transformers hat, but I’ll be attempting to make each side different. I’m off to do some research!

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